Now you see it… now you don’t. This clever lamp is my latest obsession! Simply called LIGHT, it brings new meaning to “throwin’ shade.” Flip it on and light shines through a finely cut hole to create the illusion of a classic lamp shade shape against your wall. Minimal with a touch of humor, it’s attractive, interesting and a total conversation starter!

Designer: YOY

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MemoCase by Kate Zhang

As useful as our smartphones are for reminders, calendar management and other organization, sometimes it’s still just better to write things down! That’s the inspiration behind the MemoCase. Built-in to it’s surprisingly slim shell is a small space perfect for keeping note paper and a small pen. Not just for notes, the discrete container makes a great hiding spot for money, cards or photos too. The “door” is also perfectly placed to prop up your phone when open.18 Genius!

Designer: Kate Zhang

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Speaker Creatures by OnHand

There’s nothing like singing in the shower to get your day going, right?! Now, with these little waterproof shower buddies you can bring your tunes with you to make rocking out in the shower that much better! They suction onto any smooth surface and sync wirelessly with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Sealed buttons allow you to skip songs and change the volume, and a built-in mic even allows you to take calls while you’re getting clean! DO WANT!

Designer: OnHand

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[BRIC+]xtreme Next-Gen Concept for iPhone Protection by BRICWAVE

[BRIC+]xtreme is a top-tier protective bumper case for iPhone 5/5S and 6. Your beloved iPhone will be well displayed, protected & resistant against shock, water, dirt & mud. The case is equipped with an aircraft grade CNC-machined aluminum shield & shock-absorbing structure which provides optimal protection in case of unexpected drops & impacts. In addition, its H2O resistant configuration keeps buttons and openings protected from water damage while its “bulletproof” reinforced films keep the screen & back protected from breaks & scratches.

Designer: BRICWAVE

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Koen – Smartwatch for Children with Congenital Heart Defects by Thomas den Heeten

It’s difficult for children suffering from congenital heart defects to fully understand the seriousness of their condition as well as how they can prevent the onset of serious symptoms. To heighten kid’s awareness and help educate them on ways to take control of the problem, the Koen smartwatch detects abnormal changes in heart rate and distracts the wearer by automatically presenting a game to slow their heart rate. Games include breathing and calming exercises so little ones can learn how to control their condition and get back to being kids!

Designer: Thomas den Heeten

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COOK – Kitchen Faucet Design by Sovrappensiero Design Studio

Add a touch of color and flexible fun to you kitchen space with the COOK tap! The classical sense of the kitchen spring faucet is reworked into a brightly colored, flexible, soft, silicon hose that can be twisted and turned 360 with ease. When finished using, just let go and it will automatically reposition thanks to its embedded magnets. For a fresh and modern look, it comes in five customizable color variants: sunflower gray, red chili, green sage, milky white and blue blueberry.

Designer: Sovrappensiero Design Studio

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Bermina Handheld Sewing Machine by Laura Lang

Serious seamstresses must usually invest in both a large machine for home use and a portable “handy-stitch” style one for everywhere else. Why not combine both? The Bermina sewing machine is both stationary and portable thanks to its clever docking system. Set it in the dock to use it the conventional way while it charges, or take it out of the dock for freehand stitching on-the-go!

Designer: Laura Lang

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Vertical Rotary Socket by Xue Shi Huai

The Vertical Rotary Socket is a new way of looking at power cord extension or multi-plugs. The design offers a simple solution of a rotating base, giving you the liberty of plugging in the various shapes and forms of plug-heads, without them interfering with each other for space. Sweet!

Designer: Xue Shi Huai

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Fresca Range of Bathroom and Vanity Collection by DecorPlanet

Alicia Keys once said, If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom. Sounds simple enough, but there is a lot of weight to what Alicia is saying here. For many of us it is a sacred place where do more than the usual job. Remodeling or maintaining the existing one, shouldnt have to be a chore. The Fresca range that showcased here, is easy to install and affordable too! Take a look!

Fresca Bellezza Modern Double Vessel Bathroom Vanity

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Propagate Tower by YuHao Liu & Rui Wu

The Propagate Tower explores carbon-capturing technology that would allow harmful greenhouse gases to be converted into usable building materials! It starts as a simple vertical scaffold of carbon-capturing material. Required ingredients for propagation are supplied through the scaffold, while its actual pattern of growth is defined by environmental factors such as wind, weather & the saturation of carbon dioxide within the immediate atmosphere. Each resulting structure is sui generis in its formal expression, while maintaining a regular spatial organization for ease of adaptation.

Designers: YuHao Liu & Rui Wu

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Martino Hamper by Brandon Washington

So maybe no one else will want to sit on your dirty clothes, but you can reward your bad behavior with the Martino Hamper! It’s a combination chair and laundry basket that is only usable when you’ve neglected your laundry duties. It’s a humorous exploration at impromptu design inspired by the fast paced furniture collage style of Martino Gamper.

Designer: Brandon Washington

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The Blossom Tower by RAFT Architects

Kuala Lumpur’s Menara Bunga Raya was designed for “people, profit & planet” – reflecting an emerging awareness that our most visible buildings must deliver value beyond simple economics & speak to higher aspirations. 2.5% of the tower is allocated toward public-uses, including a sculpture park, outdoor performance space, & a museum. The inside of the tower is devoted to the guiding principles of the Rukun Negara, including a Sky Walk cafe atop the tower, & a 20 story tall Hall of Hibiscuses- a vertical, living garden celebrating the national flower of Malaysia.

Designer: RAFT Architects

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iPad Pro Concept by Ramotion

Ramotion is an agency that typically provides exciting mobile solutions and endeavor to make remote collaboration as comfortable as possible. This time around they have got me for their iPad Pro Concept! Detailed and extensive, their proposal has me vying for the concept, which is an intersection of two product linesMacBook Pro and iPad Air. Have a look.

Designer: Ramotion

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Bottlelight – Camping Bottle and Light by Christoph Kuppert

Here is a simple formula that helps to reduce your luggage load while camping. The Bottlelight combines portable UV water purifier with a camping light. The bottle saves space and merges two essential must-haves. The carabineer on the top adds to the portability and dash of functionality.

How it works:

The top consists of two pressure casted aluminum parts with an inner sealing.These become a watertight housing for the PCB, the battery and the UV and LED light unit.A USB port can charge the battery for 10 hours of 30 Lumen while the 45 reflector at the bottom provides a plain and not reflecting light source.

Designer: Christoph Kuppert

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Brighter Minds – Lighting by Felix Patone

The Brighter Minds series consists of a hanging lamp reminiscent of a molecule and a matching floor lamp. Teardrop shapes meet omnidirectional globe lights to achieve the golden ratio for both natural aesthetic appeal and to maximize material in the simple production process. While they may seem complex in form, their simple, organic, streamlined shape has a stunning sculptural impact on the visual environment.

Designer: Felix Patone

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Lexon Script – Clock by DesignWright

Times have changed… except for the very thing that tells us the time! Until now – the Script series is a collection of digital timepieces that breath new life into the digital clock display with a modern and fluid typeface. Script shares the same principle of the classic 7-segment display on your DVD player and oven, but reconfigures these segments to achieve a fresh, new look!

Script Clock has a large display framed by a simple case with soft pillowed reverse, creating a strikingly thin and elegant form. On the reverse their are three flush buttons to set the time and holes for hanging. Alternatively, it can be placed on a table using a removable stand stored in the battery compartment.

Script Alarm Clock has smaller proportions for the bedside and features a built-in alarm with touch-sensitive snooze/light.

Script Watch combines a stainless steel case with a simple leather strap, buckle and crown to create a digital watch with the characteristics and qualities of an analogue timepiece. In place of the usual buttons, the time and date are set entirely with the crown.

Designer: DesignWright for Lexon

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Swing Baton Traffic Guiding Baton by Chih Wei Lai & Chi Wang

Ive seen a clock similar to the Swing Baton telling the time, however I find the application to managing the traffic system quite fascinating. Predictably, the baton is used to guide the traffic and avoid congestion. What is perky about it is the creative way the colorful signals are displayed.

Designers: Chih Wei Lai & Chi Wang

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A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners

Its an exciting time for the award winners of the A’ Design Awards & Competition. The results are out and it is time to crack open the champagne bottle! In essence, the awards are for designers, innovators and companies that deserve the attention of media, publishers and buyers. A’Design Award is a great opportunity for designers to have a jump in their careers, so here is a look at some of the winners!

Laxart Museum Transmedia Rebranding by Young Joo Tak

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Launchspire – Architecture by Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins

Launchspire is a radical re-interpretation not just of modern architecture, but of the airport and aviation in general. An electromagnetic vertical accelerator, using technological principles developed at CERN’s LHC provides a method for commercial aircraft to be accelerated to cruising speed from a ground based infrastructure. The super-tall structural solution would not only be a launch space for air transportation, but a vertical colony of commercial, residential & green spaces- essentially a helical version of the classic urban grid.

The super-tall design proposes a new methodology of “spiral tube” structure that ensures a habitable floor plate depth and simple pedestrian movement through the structure, while providing an overall cross-sectional width to overcome stability issues. This structural solution is born out of a desire to reinvigorate the “core and floor plate” model of high-rise buildings. By creating a street of privately owned plots of habitation, the development and evolution of the tower inhabitation becomes organic and specifically tailored to provide for the people that live within the tower. The use of plots would be governed by a democratic planning system to ensure the building serves its occupants well. Schools, hospitals, commercial and residential uses would be interspersed throughout the tower with approximately one third of all plots to be public green spaces, nature reserves and farm land. This and its focus on transportation effectively make the building a confluence of road, rail, air and space transportation… a contemporary settlement built around the move of people.

Designers: Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins

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Bob – Minimalist Rocking Horse by Yong Wei Fang

Bob is an eco-friendly, minimalist version of the rocking horse that was designed to not only reduce waste but keep childhood memories alive! Once little ones have outgrown the horse, it transforms into a seat by hiding the rockers under the main body. Use it as a functional keepsake and then pass it on when your kids have little ones of their own!

Designer: Yong Wei Fang

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